The Municipal Police hinder the return of prostitution to Marconi

The Municipal Police hinder the return of prostitution to Marconi

The Municipal Police hinder the return of prostitution to Marconi

The Municipal Police is making it difficult for prostitution to return to the Marconi de Villaverde industrial estate. The agents are sanctioning the prostitutes and clients who since last weekend have returned to that industrial zone in the south of the capital with the entry into the region of Phase 2 of the de-escalation. The Madrid City Council clarifies that the activity that the Municipal Police carried out in the area before the state of alarm has been reactivated. “It has been found that the movement has started to grow and the clients and the acquisition of clients are fined,” says a municipal spokesman.

Fines are imposed on women for skipping the Royal Decree of the state of alarm (463/20), since they remain standing on the street and, therefore, face a penalty that can be from 600 to 1,500 euros. That is causing the prostitutes to not stop moving to avoid punishment by detecting the lights of the police patrol from a distance.

However, over the last five days, the agents have sanctioned more than twenty women and clients. One of them was also fined for being with a prostitute near a children’s area of ​​a hotel in the polygon.

América, a 33-year-old Venezuelan prostitute, is one of the few women who does not get shot or who is bothered by seeing a camera. «The police pass but the normal thing is that they don’t find us. I have nothing else to live on. I dedicate myself to this and this is my job ”, explained the woman with a naked torso and without a protective mask. “The problem is that now it is more difficult to find clients,” acknowledges the woman.

Most of the prostitutes focus on what is known as the Cat, near a hotel. There they are located in different avenues depending on the nationalities, according to Alberto, a worker in the many car repair shops in the area.

Several women in an avenue of the Polígono el Gato de Marconi.
Several women in an avenue of the Polígono el Gato de Marconi. JAVIER BARBANCHO

“There are many who go on their own but there are also others who have their pimps and who tend to leave later,” says Emilio, a security guard at a factory in the area.

For almost three months the neighbors have lived in peace and now recognize that the prostitutes have returned. «The prostitutes are not in Marconi, where they concentrate is in the El Gato industrial estate. We are tired of Marconi being linked to prostitution “, they point out from the Neighborhood Association of the neighborhood. “Here there are a lot of activities and initiatives and the bad always comes out,” they added. “If they find us for being on the street without justifying how they are not going to be fined,” says another neighbor who lives in a block located two kilometers from the industrial estate.

The Madrid City Council approved at the end of last year the installation of video surveillance cameras in the Marconi industrial estate as a tool to reduce conflict as well as to promote the revitalization of the area.

The Vicálvaro Business Association and the Villaverde New Business Union were the promoters of the measure. It was also a historic demand from the residents, who ask that measures be adopted to stop the dumping of rubble and other problems in this corner of Madrid.

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