Acne Is Majorly Associated With Food And Tension

A recent research reveals that unhealthy eating regimen, stress and inappropriate skincare are the main factors that cause Acne. Presented at the 28th European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Congress in Madrid, this research discovered the harmful factors of acne in more than 6,700 participants from a total of six countries. Brigitte Dano, the lead of the research, explained that for the first time, this research allows us to identify factors related to it before treatment prescriptions.

The results suggest that acne was common among individuals who consumed more of dairy products on a daily basis, i.e. 48.2 % of the people who consume dairy products regularly have pimples, while 38.8 % of those who do not consume faced low frequency of breakouts. This distinction was statistically vital for soda or syrup (35.6 % vs. 31 %), chocolate and pastries (37 % vs. 27.8 %) and sweets (29.7 % vs. 19.1 %).  Surprisingly, 11 % of acne-deficient individuals use whey protein, compared to 7 % of non-acne-deficient individuals and 11.9 % of people who consume anabolic steroid, as opposed to 3.2 non-acne-deficient individuals. Apart from these, dust and pollution are also its important factors.

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